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Poler Wundler Bundler – Green


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Product Description

The world’s first temperature regulating modular vessel!
It’s a flexible soft sided cooler that holds a six pack and will keep it chilled for several hours. Throw an icy pack in there and you’ll be amazed at how long it will stay cold. The strap on the outside creates a convenient handle for transport. You can also wrap up a burrito or take out food and keep them warm while you are en route to somewhere awesome.
Other uses include bundling up a camera to provide some minimal padding and protection, changing baby diapers, and using it as a reflector to attract attention in an emergency. Its a multi tool in disguise and it folds up so compact you can take it everywhere.
Its also an insulated changing matt, perfect for standing on when changing after surfing or snowboarding, sitting on when the surface is wet and cold, or kneeling on when you want to shoot a photo in a muddy field. The uses are virtually limitless.
Product Dimension: 25″ x 22″ x 1″

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