For those of you who’ve been following our page, you would have seen pictures from our buddy Acit. Acit is an adventure seeker who’s discovered many hidden gems and secrets that Indonesia has to offer and has been a friend of Terrainware since day 1 and lives by the motto “discover and chill”. This past year he’s been hard at work with his team, Warnalangit planning adventure expeditions for small groups to Indonesia.
That’s why we’re so excited to announce our first team-up! Join us for UNPLUGGED CAMPING off the grid as we explore Panaruban, Bandung; a dense, forested area with floral and fauna living at it’s best – untouched by many humans.
You will experience first hand – real jungle living, surrounded by waterfalls and natural hot springs, complete with a daily campfire, local barbecued cuisine and most importantly – safety.


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The trip happens from November 9 to 12, and costs (without flights) are:
Option 1:

$400 SGD – inclusive ground transport costs, meals, 1 night hotel stay + provision of all camp related and adventure equipment
*excludes flights and sleeping bag
Option 2:
$550 SGD – all in Option 1, + includes a Poler Napsack sleeping bag



Interested? Email all enquiries to info@warnalangit.co.id for more details!



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