Goodbye Pandan Gardens, Hello Downtown Gallery, Shenton Way!


We’ve had a great run at Pandan Gardens and would like to thank everyone who’s made our cozy little shop something that we look forward to returning to everyday.

We started Terrainware with a simple desire to see more Singaporeans like myself experience the outdoors after noticing many young parents (like ourselves) with their kids glued to devices – by providing a retail experience that caters anyone that wants to go on an adventure – whether you’re an urbanite who’s going on his first trek or an experienced outdoorsman, we have something for you.

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A great opportunity came by late last year to move to a bigger, more central location and we decided to take it on! This gives us the chance to spread our message to a wider audience and with more foot traffic to support the business. Unfortunately, being a small company we don’t have the resources to maintain two locations at the same time – so with great regret we’ll have to say goodbye to Pandan Gardens and but hello to Downtown Gallery at Shenton Way.


With that, we would like to thank all the friends we’ve made, our Terrainware crew, team, all our wonderful suppliers and most importantly YOU.


We are having a online clearance sale for GSS, to make some space for our new store, so do support us and get some great savings on great gear here:

We look forward to seeing you at the Downtown Gallery in Shenton Way in July 2017!


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